Date: 12/15/2020

How This Mom Fired Her Boss
After Just One Month?

I still remember that very day I said these two words to my boss, "I quit!".

That was the moment I no longer had to put up with all the BS that came along with that toxic job. No more standing up that fake smile around him when I was clearly not happy. Each additional day at that job felt like it sucked another piece of my soul away.

The only problem was that if I didn't work, I couldn't pay rent and feed my kids. I was stuck. When I got home, most of my free time went to making dinner and helping the kids with homework. There were many nights I found myself passed out on the couch.

Luckily, one day I ran into my neighbors Joe and Dana at the local supermarket. After I told them how unhappy I was about my job and situation, Dana said that she had quit her job selling insurance and was working from home for over a year now. Joe, who laughed at her in the beginning, plans to quit his boring government job as well. My jaw dropped. I begged them to let me in on this secret of theirs.

Joe and Dana said they've been doing business online. "Online? I've tried those. None worked for me", I chuckled. They laughed. "Yes, we were skeptical too, but you can actually build a real online business!", Dana shouted. "And you don't need a website, no marketing, no social media, or be a techie to succeed". "We work less hours now, and when we want to, from anywhere". "Ok, so how much is it? Because I don't have a lot of money", I told her. She said that if I didn't earn my money back in 90 days, the program offers a double-your-money back guarantee.

It appears others are also having success with this program. This got my attention.

I can't thank Joe and Dana enough! They were right, it was super easy and anyone could do it. In the beginning, I started small and learned from a community of very supportive people who's been there and done that. It only took a week before I was fully on my own.

The best part is I could do this in 1 to 2 hours a day from the comfort of home and be with my kids!


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