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Escaping The Rat Race

Hello and welcome to our site on departing the rat race. Here, you will find our recommended approach to leaving the rat race for good. Let’s now waste time and get started shall we?


What Is The Rat Race?

Let’s start with a definition of the rat race shall we? In my personal opinion the rat race is simply whatever you have to do to make money so that you can provide food and shelter for yourself and the ones you love, but you have no passion for it. It’s as simple as that. The most popular example is a job, or j.o.b. that most people associate as the 9 to 5 grind.


Why Leave The Rat Race?

The reason why most people would want to leave the rat race is because these people understand that life is too short and there’s only so many hours in the day. They don’t want to suddenly wake up one day and regret that they have spent most if not all their entire lives just slaving away for someone else just to eek out a minor existence. When they could have used that time to spend it happily with the ones they love. For example, dropping off/picking up their kids from school, real vacations, exploring other people and countries, be more spiritual, more time to exercise and take care of their health, spending more time with their aging parents, etc.


How Should You Leave The Rat Race?

What we need to do is find a side hustle that will eventually generate enough income to replace our full time job, and then we can evaluate our new circumstance, then quite our job.


When Should I Start?

The best way to leave the rat race is to take baby steps and get started right away. It doesn’t mean quitting your job first because you had a bad day or what. Let’s look at the big picture and take all the emotions out of this decision. Start building your skills and assets slowly over time as this will lead to a smoother transition and less pressure. The last thing you want is all that pressure on you to succeed right away, when you are a total newbie to entrepreneurship.


What Should I Pick?

I would advise you to get started by re-assessing your current skills, or what one of my mentor, Dan Lok, calls it – high income skills. I would advise against strictly following your passion. Instead, analyse the market and see where the needs are. Then, see where your skill set is at. See what skills you need to learn, then start developing those skill sets.


How Do I know I Will Pick the Right Method?

It will be impossible for you to know if you’ve made the right decision at first. There are so many variables and hidden surprises along the way you have not yet experienced, that may influence your decision later. Therefore just go with your gut instinct and pick one and let the cards fall as they will later on.


How Many Hours Should I Work?

You’re not already fantasizing about the dotcom lifestyle are ya? You know, the one of you sitting on the beach, working from a laptop, only three hours a week. If you are, you’re far from that so get it out of your system. Like the start of any career, this will require a lot of work in the beginning. The beauty of being an entrepreneur working from home is that eventually, it is totally possible to start leveraging your time and eventually outsourcing yourself out of most of the work. But you’re not there yet, so hang in there.


Your Options On How To Leave The Rat Race

13 ways to make money online

1. Your Own Information Products
2. CPA offers
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Licensing/franchising/business Opportunities
5. Services
6. SaaS (software as a service)
7. Consulting/Coaching/Therapy
8. Sell Advertising
9. MLM (multi level marketing)
10. Tools
11. Online To Offline
12. Ecommerce
13. Outsourcing

Don’t Give Up and say bye-bye to the rate race!

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